FairVoteUtah is coalition of Utahns dedicated to promoting and implementing electoral processes that are more competitive and representative at all levels of government.

FairVoteUtah proposes the following multi-member district redistricting plan for all non-congressional districts to be created by the Utah Legislature in 2011:

  • Fifteen five-member districts for the 75-seat Utah House of Representatives (or an adjustment allowing multi-seat House districts to be nested within multi-seat Senate districts, for example, 29 three-member districts for an expanded 87-seat House of Representatives or 21 four-member districts for an expanded 84-seat House of Representatives)
  • Seven three-member districts and two four-member districts for the 29-seat Utah Senate (or an adjustment allowing for equal nesting of multi-seat House districts, for example, seven four-member districts (28 Senate seats) or five five-member districts (25 Senate seats))
  • Five three-member districts for the fifteen-seat Utah School Board.
  • All elections with multi-member districts populate seats using the single transferable vote method.

For more information about how Ireland and other nations use the single transferable vote method, click here. For videos explaining STV, click here or here.

Article IX, Section 2 of the Utah Constitution provides that “The Senate shall consist of a membership not to exceed twenty-nine in number, and the number of representatives shall never be less than twice nor greater than three times the number of senators.”